TABBit - Fast, simple and safe payments
TABBit - Fast, simple and safe payments

TABBit not a rabbit

Welcome to TABBit - Where We Might Look Like a Rabbit, But We're All About the Money, Not the Carrots!

Sorry, No Fluffy Tails Here, Just Fast, Simple, and Safe Payment Requests!

We're not your garden-variety payment platform. Here's why:

  • Fast as a Bunny: Send payment requests quicker than a rabbit can hop!
  • No Burrowing Through Apps: The payor doesn't need to install anything. Less digging, more doing!
  • Works with a Warren of Banks: Compatible with a wide range of UK banks.

Safe as a Burrow: Your payments are secure, no matter how deep you go!

TABBit not a rabbit

But since you're here, did you know...?

  • Rabbits and 'Rapid' are Almost Synonyms: Just like TABBit's quick payment processing!
  • Carrots are Like Good Finance Advice: They're beneficial but won't actually improve your night vision (or credit score)!
  • Rabbits Have 360-Degree Vision: They can see what's coming from all angles, much like how TABBit helps you stay ahead in your financial planning!
  • A Group of Rabbits is Called a Fluffle: We think that's adorable. Just like our user-friendly interface!

Still here? Hop onto the TABBit train and make your payments faster than a rabbit can say 'What's up, Doc?'

TABBit: We're Not a Rabbit, But We Sure Are Quick with Payments!

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Get Paid. Pay back. Share.

Get Paid. Pay back. Share.

Get Paid. Pay back. Share.

TABBit - fast, simple and safe payments
TABBit - fast, simple and safe payments

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